Hate To Edit HTML SEO Tips

Improving SEO is the key technique to all website, search engine recognize one website after it created 6-12 hours to take effect on search engine, Google penguin and panda always grab your content with most update.

Starting website, it should be pretested in other place is essential, if you edit HTML of your website again and again for improving design it will make bad impression of any site.

You may ask question what about big site like mashable  frequently improving the site design, they will follow the steps below use this SEO tacts and see what they do you should not.

1.Their website already have higher Google page ranking so search engine changes will reflect with in minute.

2.They won,t edit again and again in particular day lot of times, but you may do this for improve design, do it once all things, think this if you edit first time your site and save the code then search engine start to fetch your edited things, now after one or two hours you again editing think what will happen Google may make penalty otherwise you neglected by Google Search Engine. Survival takes months to recover this problem.

3.If you are new born site holder keep your site not change your HTML after once you built good design at once, built only content and backlinks and use directories also you welcome to use our method to get page rank 3 with in two month.  

4.Building quality content for your website tittle relevant is important.

4.You Can submit your site to us to get back links, we have three sites we give back links for your site submit your site now.

Stylish Flash Based Cloud Tag Widget

The Empire Tag widget is the flash based cloud widget and this is available for wordpress plugin and this looks stylish. The Categories two authentication list and cloud, the list displays category of blogging by displaying as serialized manner.The cloud tag impress more than list looks greatly as stylish rotating fly.

Why For Cloud:

The Cloud plugin so awesome to see and get more interaction with users of your site also it attracts more than list to navigate other pages.The users can feel play with your site cloud tag, this tag empiri is different than another, this is the 3D cloud tag looking greatly as rotating flip.

Why Do Not Need Cloud Tag:

Cloud Tag attracts more users even it has minus of some times takes time to load fast.
Download this tag Now

This Download Link Takes you Empiri tag website guide you download also aware you updates.Now Available only for WordPress, follow this site to get Blogger.

Download Angry Birds Space Free Now

Angry birds is the most beautiful and endless fun  game for android and PC, this game already set million dollar revenue, the new version arrived download this app game free, by follow the link.

You Can download directly also with torrent we support it, with torrent.

Download Now.

How To Connect Other Account To Google Account

Google Lets you connect other accounts like facebook, twitter, flicker and etc.,

Follow The Steps Below :

Go To Your Google Account By Signing in,

Then Go To Account Setting, You Will See option shows connect other account. 

Just authorize your other accounts to connect.

Why It For:

You Can update status automatically to facebook, and twitter by connecting these accounts.

Improve Google Searching and surfing Experience.
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