Simple Steps to Tune Your Computer Works Faster

Every day we find trouble of computer working slow, when we used the operating system like win XP and apple Old, we found right speed of working, but we change to Higher version of vista and Win 7, definitely they might irritate you some times loading slowly and booting slowly, yes i am telling truth but i know the Apple is very different instead of Windows, we expect windows 8 and higher version boot fast and loading program fast like Linux,

If you using platform of windows try to do something, below steps:

You Should have C cleaner in your computer to clean the  local file and uninstall the softwares, if uninstall the software by manual from add or remove programs, sometimes some software kept their folders in hard drive, find and clean otherwise clean using c cleaner, make again and again when you need fix registry error.

Don't kept more files in desktop, or downloads folder that exactly take place in c drive, try to have more space after install all softwares you need, example:if you allocated 30 GB space for your c drive, try to have 10 to(atleast 8GB) GB free space.

Cleaning using c cleaner again and whenever you have time, that help to free up RAM memory.Clean local file /temporary files using this %temp% command in run.

Keep your hardware rest, don't make it your computer works under high temperature, and remove unwanted files from your hard disks, if you have more than one type of file, please make it separate folder, if you make it in same folder different files, there may chance load slow while opening the folder.

Stop most software auto start while system starting,you can change these settings while install or running that softwares.

Behalf of that make always your chip will be clean, yes repeatedly clean the hardware systems,don't open your CPU or laptop without knowing how to clean, i will tell it another posts, to know more updates follow us by mail.   

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