Youtube Adsense revenue with your Youtube videos - Earn with Adsense is the popular video sharing and exciting adsense revenue sharing website which is owned by Google, it is giving the feature to earn money with your videos.

 For getting more revenue you should put some good creative videos, it will drive more viewers to your youtube video channel . Here am sharing some steps to signup youtube and how to apply for the adsense account.

Step 1: Go to, you can able to see the create account option in the top of  youtube window, just click it, One signup form will appear like given below,fill it with your details.

Step 2: After the signup,start uploading the videos,upload option will be in the top of page,click it and start uploading.Youtube is giving three features for users, users can upload video from computer or with webcam or mobile phone upload, select your option.

Step 3: After your upload selection, youtube will ask some details about the video,fill those things,after filling the details,save the changes,you are done,your videos will start appearing in youtube.

Step 4 : In this step am explaining you how to apply for adsense ,Go to settings and select monetization , then one option will be shown as adsense account settings as given below , click that and apply for adsense, wait three days for adsense activation.

Start updating the videos regularly, and get more viewers..

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